Podcast #34: 7 Must-Have Shop-Built Table Saw Accessories

§ by on May 7th, 2008

If there is one power tool that lends itself perfectly to accessories it’s the table saw. Things like push sticks and stop blocks can make using a table saw more efficient and safe. And, auxiliary fences for the miter gauge and the rip fence prevent chip out and protect the factory fence from being damaged.

Best of all, each of these accessories can easily be made in the shop. This week’s Woodsmith Woodworking Seminar focuses on seven accessories that are “must-haves.”

You’ll find a few pieces of hardware, that can be used for building jigs, for sale at the Woodsmith Podcast Store, plus a link to the seminar guide.

Podcast #33: Quick & Easy Joinery

§ by on March 26th, 2008

If I had the time, I’d build every project with hand-cut mortise and tenon or dovetail joinery. But that’s not a very realistic goal, nor is it necessary. There are plenty of joinery methods out there that can be made both quickly and easily. During the seminar podcast, I’ll talk about three of my favorite “quick and easy” joinery methods.

One of the most “traditional” methods is the lap joint. It’s easy to cut with just one setup on the table saw. And it provides plenty of face grain gluing surface as well as a good amount of mechanical strength.

For a couple of “modern” joinery techniques that are especially quick and easy, you’ll have to purchase specialized machinery to produce them. I’m talking about biscuit joints and pocket hole joinery. Both of these methods get their mechanical strength from distinctive fastener’s — biscuits or pocket screws. But the best part is that each can be setup and cut in seconds.

Be sure to check out the Woodsmith Podcast Store for links to a few products that I used during this seminar.

Podcast #32: Router Table Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

§ by on February 15th, 2008

Doug Hicks doesn’t just go through the motions when he presents a seminar. With all his years of woodworking and teaching experience, he really provides a wealth of knowledge and know-how.

During this seminar podcast, Doug will explain why a router table makes a router even more versatile. His tips for buying or building a router table are well-researched and insightful. And he’ll present some special techniques and tips to make your work on a router table easier, safer, and more accurate.

Be sure to check out the Woodsmith Podcast Store for links to a few products that Doug used during his seminar.

Podcast #31: Selecting Lumber for Great-Looking Projects

§ by on January 14th, 2008

Great looking projects don’t just happen — they’re made. It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with the best looking lumber to create a project that really stands out.

Dennis starts the seminar by discussing the differences between “hardwood” lumber and the stuff you’ll find on the racks at the lumber yard. Then he talks about board footage, grades, surfacing, moisture content, and finally, how to choose the best parts from a board for a particular project.

During the seminar, Dennis keeps reaching for a tape measure. The one he used is available at the Woodsmith Podcast Store, along with a few other items he uses to make selecting lumber easier.

Podcast #30: 3 Basic Router Bits/17 Moldings

§ by on December 17th, 2007

Phil Huber proves you don’t need a drawer full of router bits to make a huge variety of moldings. In fact, during this week’s seminar he talks about how he used just three bits, 1/4″ and 1/2″ round-over bits and a 1/4″ core box bit, to make 17 different moldings.To make some of the profiles shown above, he used different parts of the bit or changed the depth or height of the cut. Of course, to make the more complex profiles, he used more than one bit.

With only a limited amount of time to rout the profiles, Phil wasn’t able to demonstrate all of the molding cuts, but the guide details how to rout all seventeen. You can find the guide, plus the bits he used during the seminar, for sale at the Woodsmith Podcast Store.

Podcast #29: Top 5 Shop-Built Router Jigs

§ by on December 5th, 2007

Jig plans for cutting circles, adjustable dadoes, and a flush trim jig are included in this week’s Woodsmith Woodworking Seminar Podcast. Bryan Nelson will also give the low down on how to build a hinge mortising jig and a unique router table sled that holds narrow workpieces firmly while routing across end grain.

Check out the Woodsmith Podcast Store for more deals on router bits and the seminar guide.

Podcast #28: Oils and Varnishes

§ by on November 12th, 2007

How many times have you overheard somebody make this comment? “Finishing is my least favorite part of woodworking. It’s so hard to figure out the difference between BLO and Danish oil and Teak oil, and all the other brands of varnishes and oils available.” I’ve been woodworking for years and I totally agreed with the comment. But it doesn’t have to be such a mystery.

Doug Hicks has a clear and concise way of explaining it all during this weeks Woodsmith Woodworking Seminar Podcast. Instead of “…apply two coats and let dry,” his directions for finishing with varnishes and oils will make everything crystal clear.

You’ll want to pick up the Seminar Guide at the Woodsmith Podcast Store. It’s full of great information on oils and varnishes.

Podcast #27: 10 Essential Hand Tools for Your Shop

§ by on October 25th, 2007

I have a half dozen different squares in my shop. My framing square isn’t accurate enough for fine woodworking. A good try square is plenty accurate, but its uses are limited. The combination square, on the other hand, is one of the most versatile layout and measuring tools in my shop. That’s why it tops the list of my “10 Essential Hand Tools for Your Shop.”

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items I mention in this Woodsmith Woodworking Podcast, be sure to check out the Woodsmith Podcast Store. You’ll find links to many of the items listed there.

Podcast #26: Turning Pens on the Lathe: From Start to Finish

§ by on October 9th, 2007

In this weeks Woodsmith Woodworking Seminar Podcast, Brian Simmons will show us the basics for turning pens in hardwood, burls, and man-made materials. He’ll give some tips for preparing the blank, mounting the blanks to a mandrel, and turning the pen. Finally, he’ll wrap things up by sanding, finishing and assembling a pen.

Links to the seminar guides and products that you’ll see being used during the seminar podcast can be found at the Woodsmith Podcast Store.

Podcast #25: Using Hand Planes & Scrapers for a Smooth Finish

§ by on August 27th, 2007

This week, Dennis Perkins, assistant editor for Woodsmith and ShopNotes, is going to give us some pointers on using hand planes and scrapers for a smooth finish. He’ll also spend some time showing us how he likes to sharpen his scrapers during this week’s Woodsmith Woodworking Seminar Podcast.

As usual, all of the links to articles, seminar guides, and products that you’ll see being used during the seminar podcast can be found at the Woodsmith Podcast Store.