Podcast #44: 5 Surprising Woodworking Techniques You Didn’t Know About

How do you mill a cove in a long workpiece without a shaper?

How about jointing a square edge without a jointer?

Both of these questions will be answered by Doug Hicks during this seminar podcast. Doug will also show you how to add tapers using a jointer; rout dovetails for dovetail keys on a router table; and even turn a spindle with a router, portable hand drill and a special jig.

Get the seminar guide here: 5 Surprising Woodworking Techniques

5 Responses to “Podcast #44: 5 Surprising Woodworking Techniques You Didn’t Know About”

Larry Patten said,

Do you have a program broadcasting in the San Diego area at present, if so, what station?

If not, are there plans for a program in the near future.


L. Patten

Joel Hess said,


I assume you’re talking about the Woodsmith Shop. To find out if it’s showing in your area, go to WoodsmithShop.com

Joel Hess

Marlon Ebey said,

How often is a video podcast produced?
Do you have weekly demonstrations or shows at the Woodsmith Shop in DesMoines?

BarryO said,

These are wonderful podcasts, but why are they so infrequent? It’s a real shame. If as you say there are weekly demos in Des Moines, couldn’t these be produced more often than every 6-12 months?

Bob Baisley said,

I expect that the angle that you set the blade affects the shape of the cove. How do you determine the angle and how does the cove shape change?