Podcast #43: 12 Must-Have Finishing Supplies

This seminar isn’t about what you need — it’s more about what you don’t want to be without when you get started on a finishing project. All of them are items that you’ll find yourself reaching for regularly. And having them all on hand at the start of a project is the secret to a top-notch finish.

Get the seminar guide here: 12 Must-Have Finishing Supplies

4 Responses to “Podcast #43: 12 Must-Have Finishing Supplies”

Tom Restis said,

I must comment on that solvent soaked rags are not a spontaneous combustion hazard as stated in the video. Oil soaked rags are very much spontaneous combustion hazards. http://www.scif.com/safety/safetymeeting/Article.asp?ArticleID=118

Michael Montuori said,

THANK YOU for coming back to us with your podcasts. I have watched everyone in your series and I was worried that you had stopped producing them altogether – So thank you for coming back to the world audience – Well done

Will said,

I have to agree with Michael – I stumbled across your podcasts after following a link posted in a tool review on a UK suppliers website – what I’ve discovered over the past week is a wealth of first class information, insights & tips – I never knew my stable of basic machinery could be so much more versatile with just a few simple shopbuilt jigs & fixtures – Haven’t been able to find any comparable seminar or tutorial material like this in the UK – First Class !

Will said,

I too have found this podcast series very helpful. I am looking forward to seeing more.