Podcast #40: Three Hand Planes Every Shop Should Have

I asked associate editor Randy Maxey why hand planes are an important part of a modern woodworking shop? Here is what he told me:

“I know a lot of people think I use hand planes just because I’m old-fashioned. The truth is, I love my machines. But if you want to do quality work in your wood shop, you need to learn to use hand planes. I use at least one of the three planes I’m demonstrating almost every time I’m in the shop. It has changed the way I do woodworking. I really agree with a line I read once in an old, old issue of Woodsmith magazine. It said, ‘…no machine can come close to the quality of work a hand plane will do.’”

Get the seminar guide here: Three Hand Planes Every Shop Should Have

3 Responses to “Podcast #40: Three Hand Planes Every Shop Should Have”

Woodbear said,

Podcast #40 does not download from either iTunes or the website. Gets to about 80 MB then times out.

Carlos Velez said,

Some time ago, I successfully downloaded the “Five Things You Didnn’t Know Your Saw Could Do” podcast as an MP4 file, but now, when I click on the download MP4 video option for any podcast, the file downloads as an FLV file instead. Can you suggest what might be cause?

Terry said,

To help with both questions.

Woodbear: I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser it has a download helper. which you can use to capture the whole video. Now this leads into Carlos’s problem. If it comes in as a FLV. You can find an FLV converter free online where as then you can convert it to a WMV or AVI or whatever you need it to be. The one I use is called Any Video Converter.
It is a freeware one and very easy to use and works great. Hope this helps you both.