Going Nationwide: The Woodsmith Shop TV Show

If you’re a subscriber to Woodsmith or ShopNotes magazine, or live in the state of Iowa, you probably already know that we’ve been busy around here. We’ve been working hard on a new TV show that has been airing on public television (PBS) stations in Iowa and will soon be available nationally in December.

The Woodsmith Shop is unlike any other woodworking show you’ve seen. It’s the first one to be filmed and produced (by Iowa Public Television) in High Definition. That means the picture quality is unsurpassed. You’ll see all the details of the tips and techniques we talk about on the show.

Second, The Woodsmith Shop isn’t a project-based show. What I mean is we’ll spend an entire episode talking about a particular woodworking joint, tool, or technique instead of building a project. That means you’ll get more detail about woodworking than you’ll find on any other show. And you’ll have the opportunity to download project plans and articles from our web site that are related to the show’s content.

We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback so far from those that have seen the show. And a lot of folks nationwide are anxious to take a look. Now is the time to take a minute to email or call your local public television station and tell them you heard about The Woodsmith Shop and want to see it in your area. This link will take you to the show’s web site where you can find out if the show is airing in your area. You’ll also get a list of PBS stations in your area and a contact link for each station.

Let us know what you think of the show.

6 Responses to “Going Nationwide: The Woodsmith Shop TV Show”

End Mill Holders said,

Sounds like an interesting show. I love to build! I hope you’ll be airing in southern California too!

Bill said,

Please push your show in southern California.

Joel Hess said,


Thanks for your support of the Woodsmith Shop. I don’t think the show is scheduled to be shown yet in SoCal. You’ll need to let them know that you’re interested in getting it. To do so, check out the Woodsmith Shop website and find out the station in your area to contact.

Joel Hess
Associate Editor

bob sommer said,

Really enjoy your show. Have learned a lot, and I am glad its not project based. Great instructions and information!

I used to set my DVR to New Yankee- now its set to you guys.


David Little said,

Fantastic magazine and the show looks good. If the magazine is anything to go by (the previews look great) I expect the show will be first rate.

As there any chance you may go International?

I live in the UK and I think this show would fit the demographic of BBC2 viewers.

I have been a woodworker professionally for years and would love to see this subject on British TV.

Keep the wood-flag flying!


sam ogle said,

Watch your show where you made a bowl using a routter. I am going to try it,love your show