History of The Ohio Tool Company

Being a native Buckeye and having an interest in old tools, I’ve recently gotten curious about the history of the Ohio Tool Company. While nosing around on the ‘net trying to learn more, I ran across this article in Farmland News about Jack Devitt who maintains a collection of tools made in Ohio — especially planes.Ohio Tool Company

The article doesn’t have a dateline, so I’m not sure how old it is. It mentions a book that Jack wrote called Ohio Toolmakers and Their Tools. I contacted the newspaper and a few days later got an email from Mr. Devitt. Here’s what he says:

To receive a copy of Ohio Toolmakers and Their Tools, send $30.00 which includes postage and handling to Jack Devitt, P.O. Box 116, Ottoville, OH 45876 with your name and address. Also indicate if you want the book signed and if you want it signed to a specific person. We’ll get it in the mail the same day usually.

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Howard Simmons said,

We live near the old Chapin tool factory. Occasionally I ‘d find an old signed wooden plane at a tag sale signed by this local factory in Pine Meadow Connecticut or by Stanley (just down the road) of New Britain Connecticut. Last week I found an all wooden plane 14 inches long signed “Ohio Tool Co # 83”. It’s all wood except it has a steel fence. It is adjustable with two wood screws; two disk shaped left side adjustment nuts and two bulbous right side adjustment nuts. I’ve re-assembled it two ways but cannot see a good and functional way to set it and get it to rabbit more than 1/4 inch. Perhaps the wrong cutter …….. a catalog for this period would solve this problem. Can you help out ?

Randy said,


You can find some scant information by googling “ohio tool 83”:


I would also browse over to The Toolemera Press site (http://toolemera.com/Manufacturers%20%26%20Merchants/Mfg.%20mno/mfg.ohiotool.html) and see what Gary has to offer.


Howard Simmons said,

Thanks Randy, I’ll follow your leads. I think the best way to learn the tool’s ability is by using it. It’s been used. I see a lot of honest wear.

Thankyou, Howard